Eating Out Clean & Lean : 7 Tips


Eating Out Clean & Lean : 7 Tips

So you like to eat out? You like to enjoy times with your friends and family over some dinner?

But you are on your healthy eating and health crusade – does this mean you have to stay home and eat all your meals?!?

Short answer – HECK NO!!!!

Last night I went out with a girlfriend to have dinner and it was amazingly easy to make it healthy!

You can eat out – stay healthy – and eat clean and lean.

Here are a few tips:

1) ASK FOR IT YOUR WAY : This is your time to be an assertive consumer and ask for changes in the menu. Step up to the plate – it’s your health. 

  • If an item is fried – ask for it to be grilled, steamed or baked with very little or no oil!
  • If an item comes with french fries, ask for steamed veggies instead or a salad instead!
  • If an item comes with sauces, ask for them to bring it to you on the side or to cook it without the sauce.
  • When ordering a salad, ask for balsamic vinaigrette as dressing (or go without dressing). Squeeze a little lemon on top and you got something delicious!

2) ASK HOW THE FOOD WAS PREPARED : If there is something you don’t feel is good for you when they answer, go to tip #1. :-) For example, most restaurants use either a lot of butter, oil and salt to make their food taste good. If this is part of their preparation ask for it to be prepared without it or in very little of it.

3) PORTION CONTROL : Your plate should be 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% grains or starchy veggies (sweet potato, potato, carrots…). Often times restaurants are not so generous with their vegetable portions – so ask for more!

4) BE CONSCIOUS OF THE LINGO: There is often a lot of fancy lingo in the menu – “dipped”, “scalloped”, “gratin”, or “alfredo”. Dishes with those words often have a lot of hidden fat and sodium. Opt for items that are “grilled”, “steamed”, or “baked”.

5) LEAN PROTEINS: It’s always a good idea to include a lean protein source in your meal. Focus on the leaner cuts of meat such as skinless chicken breast (not chicken thighs), beef tenderloin or filet mignon (not entrecôte or rib eye).

6) DESSERT : It’s dessert time and you are craving something sweet. Have a cup of coffee instead or share some sorbet or gelato with a friend.

7) BRING YOUR SCALE : If you are in an focused phase of your dieting, bring your scale and weigh your food.

Your friends may or may not look at you like your nuts, but that’s okay. What you are doing is setting an example by doing what most people fear. Breaking the norm is okay and what’s more important – is that you are staying true to your goals and taking your health back.

With much love,



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Silvoplee – a veggie lover’s paradise in Helsinki!

My plate :-)!

When I walked into Silvoplee in Helsinki, I was really amazed. I had eaten there many times over the years and somehow forgot about the buffet style cafe over the last year.

A vegetarian's paradise!

A vegetarian’s paradise!

The restaurant has really transformed itself to truly reflect what it has to offer – fresh, pure, delicious, raw and cooked vegetarian foods.

And you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy this place. It’s a place for anyone who wants something bright and healthy.

I am so delighted that Helsinki is starting to pick up on the need for healthier dining options.

Finding such options was one my biggest struggles when first moving here over five years ago.

Coming from California – one may see how frustrating this could be ;-)!

The availability of healthy (or even healthier) dining options was limited just as truly healthy food was. That is slowly changing.

And it’s about time.

The buffet options change daily and you pay according to the weight of your food.

photo 4 Silvoplee buffet.


My plate :-)!

My plate :-)!They also have raw desserts, juices and other sweet treats available.

They also have raw desserts, juices and other sweet treats available.

I had to try one of these and went for the raw carrot cake. Made of dates, cashews, almonds, raisins and carrots – this nutrient dense dessert just hit the spot!

Silvoplee raw carrot cake

You know what the most amazing thing is? You just FEEL GREAT when you are finished eating! The food is just THAT GOOD!

I still prefer cooking most meals at home, however – there are days when I really just want something different and I don’t want to mess with the kitchen!

And it’s days like that I will visit Silvoplee again!

Have a great day all! Much love and goodness to you!


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