So you have been doing great on your fat-loss plan and losing at a good rate and loving how you have helped enhance your life and your body!

Then it happens –

You have a moment of weakness and you throw all your strength out the window and overindulge.

It happens – and it happens to almost everyone.

What can you do to minimize the effects of the deviation?

  • Move forward, do not feel associate negative emotions with it. It has happened and just get back on plan!
  • Drink a LOT of water. Try to drink as much as possible over 24-72 hours. This will push the excess fluids out of the body.
  • Include some vegetable juicing if possible or eat a lot of fresh green vegetables.
  • Generally, within 72 hours – your body will go back to where it was (weight and fat percentage wise), so patience is key!
  • Get in some intense exercise the next day – weight lifting, intervals, even a brisk walk. Get that blood pumping and fluids moving!
  • Take some time to analyze why this happened and if you are working with a fat-loss coach, discuss this with him or her. A good coach will help you out even more.

The bright side? If you have been on a fat-loss program for a while – the occasional over eating (OCCASIONAL is the key word) can (depending on the person) help boost your metabolism, bring hormone levels back in balance and help maintain muscle mass. It can help break a fat-loss plateau.

On a side note : if you are sick, and you eat more than normal due to listening to the signals of your body – that’s good. Your body will prioritize healing itself over everything else. Meaining, you are likely not going to gain fat.

Have a great day!