Erica Gonzales; USA; 2016

Dear person considering Coach G as a fitness/nutrition coach, do it. Hire her. I did and it was the best decision I have made for my overall health and body composition goals. I have REALLY enjoyed having Coach G as my coach for many reasons. One reason is she is so sweet and kind as a person. She generally cares about me and my goals. Another reason is because I have lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks with Coach Ginger! 18 pounds in ONLY 10 weeks!! I am so happy about this as you can tell. She has also competed in bikini competitions ( she did VERY well)  and is able to help me with my competition goals. She knows all the ins & outs / tips & tricks.  I am looking forward to working with Ginger for months to come. I KNOW my body will continue changing and through Gingers coaching, encouragement and accountability I have achieved so much already that I couldn’t have done without her. 

Sincerely, A VERY satisfied client; Dallas, TX; 2016



Regina Caramel Oleander; Helsinki, Finland; 2016.

Ginger has helped me get onto the right track. She has helped me change ‘bad’ dieting habits into learning how to eat. She is supportive, shares my vision and holds me accountable. I’d recommend her to anyone needing a push, guidance and support!!

Regina Caramel Oleander; Helsinki, Finland; 2016.


Rosalyn Rodiriguez, Puerto Rico; 2016

When you feel things are not going on as you expected, and you contact your coach.Ginger hears you and take her time to explain how things work, give a lot of support, and come of with a plan to work it out. I love her!!!! R. Rodriguez, 2016; Puerto Rico

Here is a photo of what she has achieved in just 20 days!

Rosalyn 20 day!

Christina Kelley, USA; 2016

This is my 6 week change. I have been working with Ginger and she is absolutely amazing. I have been eating a TON more, having powerful workouts and completely changing my mindset about food and exercise. 

Christina Kelly6 weeks

Nicole Staffieri Babbit, 2016; USA

Ginger is one of the sweetest people I know! She is so willing to help anyone who wants it. She knows her stuff and I feel completely comfortable talking to her about anything. She’s bright and positive and always leaves me feeling happier after talking to her. If you want someone in your corner she is a great investment! 

Nicole Staffieri Babbit, 2016; USA


Krista Buckley, USA, 2016!

Tried a new workout class at the YMCA today and after doing Crossfit it was a walk in the park. I’m a chunky so I know the other girls had to be thinking how is she doing this. After great encouragement and so much help and patience from my coach Ginger, I really feel like I am starting to find my groove!

Krista Buckley, USA, 2016

Lee Louw, Boca Raton, Florida USA! 2015

Ginger, I wanted to thank you so much for inspiring me and more so for helping me. You always answered my questions along the way. When I started 14 weeks ago I thought that it was impossible and that I would NEVER lose weight. I am now down by 25.3 lbs and I have roughly another 12 lbs to lose to reach my goal weight. I do not obsess over the scale, rather my body’s composition and how it’s changing. I have a long ways to go because this is a lifestyle change and a fitness journey. I wanted to thank you for your positivity and motivation!

Lee Louw, Boca Raton, Florida (USA) 2015!

Lee Louw

Eva Hernandez, Vantaa, Finland; 2015!

After giving birth to my first baby the last thing that i had in my mind was to follow a diet made by a nutritional counselor! But as the months went by and my baby was becoming a healthy and happy son, her mom instead was becoming sad and unhappy when looking herself at the mirror.

After verbalizing my unhappiness to my husband he soon started to Google(without me knowing)seeking help for me. He found Ginger! From day one she was ready and supportive of helping me but as soon as I found out about this I thought the whole thing was absurd. How can I start a nutritional counselors menu? How selfish, how irrational! when? There is no time with a baby. But after a month I came in to my husband and told him I was ready. My baby deserves a happy mother!

So after 4 weeks of following Ginger’s menus and advice on how to maintain strong and to avoid sugar I have lost almost 4 kg! Following a healthy diet is the best thing one can do for their loved ones and oneself. By staying healthy and happy, the ones around you will become happy and admire your lifestyle too.

I am grateful to Ginger for her advice and after meeting her for the first time I can say she is a sweet and genuine person too!

– Eva Hernandez, Vantaa, Finland

Eva Hernandez


Kati Ekman, Espoo, Finland; 2014!

Last Autumn Ginger put me on this amazing journey! In four weeks I lost about 5 kg and lots of centimeters.

Ginger gives you so much positive energy that her simple presence gives you will power. I am so happy that she’s back and looking to work with her again!

Her nutrition plans work 100% and when there are problems, she helps you work through them.

Kati Ekman, Espoo, Finland; 2014!

Kati Ekman

Elaine Park, Seoul, Korea; 2013!

There was a time in my life when I didn’t take care of myself mentally or physically. I lost my fitness quickly and struggled with confidence.

The day I became determined to change my life back around, I went to Ginger for help with nutrition. After listening to my goals and evaluating my information, she provided me with bi-weekly meal plans. Not only were the meals accurate and specific, Ginger also provided a holistic approach that emphasized sustainability – to help create the behaviors for a true lifestyle change.

When I lacked motivation, she provided the support to keep me on track and the encouragement I needed to continue moving towards my goal. I also appreciated how Ginger does a lot of research and made sure she answered any of my question with facts.

Ginger is real.

Through the way she genuinely cares about my success, it is clear that this is her passion. Because of tall of this, I lost 15 pounds (although it felt like 20!!) and I regained my physical strength as well as confidence. I am grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking positive change in his or her life.

– Elaine Park, Seoul, Korea; 2013

Elaine Park