There was a time in my life when I didn’t take care of myself mentally or physically. I lost my fitness quickly and struggled with confidence.

The day I became determined to change my life back around, I went to Ginger for help with nutrition. After listening to my goals and evaluating my information, she provided me with bi-weekly meal plans. Not only were the meals accurate and specific, Ginger also provided a holistic approach that emphasized sustainability – to help create the behaviors for a true lifestyle change.

When I lacked motivation, she provided the support to keep me on track and the encouragement I needed to continue moving towards my goal. I also appreciated how Ginger does a lot of research and made sure she answered any of my question with facts.

Ginger is real.

Through the way she genuinely cares about my success, it is clear that this is her passion. Because of tall of this, I lost 15 pounds (although it felt like 20!!) and I regained my physical strength as well as confidence. I am grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking positive change in his or her life.

– Elaine Park, Seoul, Korea; 2013

Elaine Park