Dear person considering Coach G as a fitness/nutrition coach, do it. Hire her. I did and it was the best decision I have made for my overall health and body composition goals. I have REALLY enjoyed having Coach G as my coach for many reasons. One reason is she is so sweet and kind as a person. She generally cares about me and my goals. Another reason is because I have lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks with Coach Ginger! 18 pounds in ONLY 10 weeks!! I am so happy about this as you can tell. She has also competed in bikini competitions ( she did VERY well)  and is able to help me with my competition goals. She knows all the ins & outs / tips & tricks.  I am looking forward to working with Ginger for months to come. I KNOW my body will continue changing and through Gingers coaching, encouragement and accountability I have achieved so much already that I couldn’t have done without her. 

Sincerely, A VERY satisfied client; Dallas, TX; 2016