After giving birth to my first baby the last thing that i had in my mind was to follow a diet made by a nutritional counselor! But as the months went by and my baby was becoming a healthy and happy son, her mom instead was becoming sad and unhappy when looking herself at the mirror.

After verbalizing my unhappiness to my husband he soon started to Google(without me knowing)seeking help for me. He found Ginger! From day one she was ready and supportive of helping me but as soon as I found out about this I thought the whole thing was absurd. How can I start a nutritional counselors menu? How selfish, how irrational! when? There is no time with a baby. But after a month I came in to my husband and told him I was ready. My baby deserves a happy mother!

So after 4 weeks of following Ginger’s menus and advice on how to maintain strong and to avoid sugar I have lost almost 4 kg! Following a healthy diet is the best thing one can do for their loved ones and oneself. By staying healthy and happy, the ones around you will become happy and admire your lifestyle too.

I am grateful to Ginger for her advice and after meeting her for the first time I can say she is a sweet and genuine person too!

– Eva Hernandez, Vantaa, Finland

Eva Hernandez