Sarah Sölderholm; Helsinki, Finland; 2013!

I have to say I enjoy the food listed, the exercise wasn’t too much and it was just so doable! I felt great after just two weeks! I felt brighter & lighter! After the month, my eating habits have turned around and it’s something I feel I can stick too. It’s not a quick fix, but rather a journey and education about your body. I feel Ginger gave me a boost to do it and keep at it!

I had my off days but that’s life and I didn’t let it bother me. I will go back to Ginger every so often for a diet overhaul and fitness extension because I feel her knowledge, proactiveness and energy are what we need sometimes to break out of the ruts we run into in life. :-)

Sarah Sölderholm (Helsinki, Finland) 2014


Eva Alanen, Helsinki, Finland; 2013!

I worked with Ginger during the fall of 2013. The primary focus was to tackle my eating habits so that my food intake would support my workouts rather than work against them. Being experienced in nutrition, Ginger designed a 4-week food plan to support my goal to reduce my body fat percentage.

The food plan was very easy to follow and it was made up of tasty and balanced meals. Ginger was always very inspiring and supportive which got me motivated to carry on with the plan even when things got tough.

When working with Ginger, I received a lot of useful hints on training as well as eating. She has a lot of her own experience that she successfully put into practice. I easily got in touch with Ginger by email or phone whenever I needed advice or support. This was crucial in order to successfully complete my mission.

I find Ginger to be very ambitious and qualified to coach people to reach their fat-loss goals.

Following the food plan designed by Ginger, I was able to reduce weight as well as body fat.

Eva Alanen (Helsinki, Finland), 2013

Eva Alanen

Alison Handcock; Helsinki, Finland, 2013!

“I asked Ginger for some direction with my nutrition and training activities about 9 months ago. Her plans were very well written, very clear and related directly to what I needed. Thanks Ginger for giving me clarity and direction!!”

Alison Handcock (Helsinki, Finland), 2013

Alison Handcock